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Curt Testimonials

“Having worked with thousands of advisors over the years, I have seen my fair share of coaches and mentors.  Curt Whipple is an individual who stands out in that crowded space. He’s an innovator, having created RBG Concepts, a software that has helped many advisors grow their business. Curt shares his ideas openly and truly loves to help others. Every advisor I have ever put in contact with Curt has enriched their business from what they learned. It has been a privilege working with Curt over the years.”

R.K., Michigan

"I have worked with a lot of Financial people over the last 16 years. With everyone out there today looking out for themselves it is so awesome to find a person like Curt that is truly out there to help other people get to where they want to be. I have worked with Curt over the last 3 years and all I can say is I went from a 5 million dollar producer to this year I will finish up at around 17 Million.


All I did was listen to him Take what he does and make it my own! You have to get outside your comfort zone to be able to move forward! If you keep doing the same thing over and over you will always get the same results.My question is are you ready to get a better result? So then we know what we have to do then! Follow Curt Direction make it your own and watch what happens!"

K.F., Georgia

RBG Testimonials:

"Red, Blue, Green is the single most important tool that I have ever had in my practice of over 15 years……..hands down bar none. This one program has done more to help me close business than anything I have ever used. I would strongly recommend Red Blue Green to anyone and everyone in the financial industry."

K.R., Tennessee

"Even though RBG’s platform is simple, the final product is anything but; my clients walk away from my office with a finished product that is professional and well organized - the graphics and documentation create a well-rounded presentation that concretely outlines my client’s current financial situation and suggested financial situation.  I highly recommend RBG Concepts, from start to finish."

M.F., Michigan

"Using Red, Blue, Green has taken complex issues and made them simple for prospects to understand.  The prospect will tell me what they want instead of me trying to convince them what they should have.  At the end of the day, it's really all about how someone feels emotionally about their financial situation - and RBG is the simplest yet complete explanation I have ever come across. Use it and the sales will follow...."

M.S., New Mexico

"After struggling for years to win clients using various planning tools, some simple and some complex, I have found the Red, Blue, Green platform to be nearly miraculous in its effectiveness. The PDF output, when properly presented, catches the prospects' attention and - more importantly - doesn't confuse them. They understand not only what you are showing them, but how novel and valuable you are compared with other advisors they work with. As an added bonus, the time it takes to set up a client in the software is far less than the other platforms I've used."

D.K., Gig Harbor, Michigan

"The Red Blue Green software has really helped my practice in the years that we have used it. Two phases that it’s helped in, number 1 is going to be the client input, it’s very quick, it’s really easy. More importantly not only myself can use it but my staff members are able to input my clients information and it’s that easy to understand that anybody with industry knowledge or not can put the information in so I can get the clients report done a lot faster. Second thing is, when it comes time to present the plan to the client; precise, direct and easy to understand. None of this 50-60 page prospectus or printouts or illustrations or any of that stuff (we’ll call it). It’s a couple of pages, directly to the point, easy to understand for the client, more importantly easy to explain to the client. We all know if a client is easy to understand they are more likely to say yes. It’s really truly helped my business grow to the point of where we are at today. I encourage everyone to at least give it a try, don’t be afraid of new things, give it a try, have your staff give it a try and let them tell you how great it is. So take it from me, implement this into your practice and it will simplify the way that you build plans and the way that you present plans."

M.F., Brighton, Michigan

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“Like many advisors, we have always struggled with getting more referrals.  After implementing Curt’s system we immediately saw a dramatic increase in referrals and closed business.  I could not give a stronger endorsement.  More referrals.  More business.  More fun and deeper relationships with our clients!”

J.B.,Perrysburg, Ohio